Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology (JOSET)

About the Journal

CRUTECH JOSET is a peer-reviewed journal of interdisciplinary research theories and observations. It is a publication of CRUTECH, Calabar, Nigeria and is published twice a year – March and September. The mission of this journal is to provide a platform for the formation, development and dissemination of research across academic disciplines in Science, Engineering and Technology conducted both inside and outside the university. Manuscripts were peer-reviewed by at least two experts in the area before inclusion in this journal and the Editorial Board ensured that the highest standards were maintained.

CRUTECH JOSET will be competing with a number of existing journals, however I firmly believe that there is a niche for this new journal. As we all know, any new venture takes time to develop its own character, but I am confident that this new journal will always attract enough original research articles to enable it be judged a success. For now, we are in the traditional print format but in the near future, we will go online.



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